Logus investment Limited founded in 1993 with  Corporate Affairs Commission works closely with its business partners from Europe, Asia and North America  in the business of food additives for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Since inception, it has grown to become a competitive distributor of chemicals in Nigeria.

At Logus Investment Limited we are committed to excellence ,we provide quality goods and a high degree of customer service.  Our scope of service is structured around the unique needs of each client.

The Logus team has been coordinated tightly with responsive support teams from our manufacturing partners .

Over the years, we have established enduring partnerships with many domestic and international suppliers and we grow together with them.

At Logus we believe in success through strong relationships with our clients and suppliers.

We are one of the major dealers in this sector and we service both the multinational companies as well as the small scale manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We have well dedicated staff who will attend to your needs and give prompt and efficient service.

The quality of  our products is guaranteed with after sales service that is next to none